• Kannada
      • Drama,Family
      • 2020
      • 30 Mins
      • All
      • HD

      Ammanoru is the story of a couple who have reincarnated to complete their previous birth task with the support of goddess Amnoru. Shankara and Dakshayani are a beloved couple who were killed by a witch Dhanashekari and Vardappa to attain supreme power over Panchabhuthas through the idol and Rudraksha mala of Amnoru. After 27 years Shankara and Dakshayani have reborn as Durga and Tarak. Durga & Tarak have to fulfill the unfulfilled duty and dream of Shankara & Dakshayani and have to prevent the divine power from going into the wrong hands. Will Tarak and Durga succeed in overcoming the hurdles created by Dhanashekari and protect the supreme power? How will they come to know the truth about the purpose of their births and how the Goddess Amnoru supports them forms the crux of the story.

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