• Bengali
      • Drama,Family
      • 2020
      • 30 Mins
      • All
      • HD

      About 100 years ago the ancestors of illustrious Roy Chowdhury family were cursed by a tantric, named Mahakal. As a repercussion, no male child of third generation will survive beyond 13 years of age. Mahakal also empowered his wife Avantika to take revenge on the successors of the Roy Chowdhury family. Since Surya is turning 13, Rajmata Chandralekha gets worried for her grandson and is ready to go to any length to safeguard the apple of her eye. Will Surya be able to survive the vicious curse? Will good prevail over evil? Singhologna will essay the story of two innocent lives Surya and Lagna and how their destinies get intertwined over time.

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