• Bengali
      • Drama,Family
      • 2019
      • 30 Mins
      • All
      • HD

      Set in today’s time, Jiyonkathi revolves around the love-hate relationship between two souls - Rishi and Jahnabi. Rishi, played by celebrated actor Joy Mukherjee, is a high ranking official. His sophistication reflects in his persona matching his designation. On the other hand, Jahnabi, played by Oindrila Sharma is a brilliant student living with her mother in a small town Sagardighi. Jahnabi was abandoned by her father right after her birth and has been raised single handedly by her mother. Rishi is hardworking, honest but rude, rough with strong ethics. On the other side, Jahnabi is soft, cheerful, vivid like a mild twilight. This tale is very relevant in today’s time when society is self-centric and these two human beings are dutiful towards their community on their own way. Now, how these two impossibly different characters will continue their journey, Jiyonkathi would reveal in future.

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