Harano Sur

      Dec 07, 2020

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      Dec 07, 2020 Episode

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      Music is the soul of Ahana's life. Popularity or accolades do not attract her. Shashanka Shekhar, the music maestro, institution of classical music, heard Ahana’s singing in a small program one day. He was spellbound by her singing. He decides to get Ahana married to his son Nakshatra, who has a completely different musical inclination. He has chosen the popular form of music over classical & is very renowned, even more than his father. He doesn’t want to marry anyone who can sing. Coincidentally he also meets Ahana & she appears as a very different girl who doesn’t care about his celebrity status or lavish lifestyle. Although he doesn’t get to know about her singing abilities. He gets married to Ahana, to stand against his father’s wish to get him married to a woman of his choice. When he brings Ahana home, Shashanka gets shocked by seeing that the girl Nakshatra has got married to, is the same girl he has chosen for his son! What will happen when Nakshatra gets to know about Ahana’s singing abilities? Will music cause divide between them?

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